My research is concerned with questions of ideology, aspiration, mobility, time and space in contemporary cities. I am an anthropologist and urban geographer interested in qualitative methods – primarily ethnography. My PhD was a multi-sited ethnography of urban development processes in post-war Colombo.

Currently, I am preparing a book manuscript: Hub City: Mobility, Aspiration and Dispossession in the Indian Ocean based partially on my PhD fieldwork. I am also in the process of preparing various journal articles on topics including dispossession, Indian Ocean studies, luxury real estate and leisure practices in Colombo.

Future research projects include: (1) cost of living and taxation in Colombo; (2) urban kinship and housing in comparative perspective; (3) a critical ethnography of white liberalism in the UK and USA.

I am also committed to open, ongoing and critical conversations about ethnographic methods and the challenges associated with them, especially for researchers who have been traditionally marginalized within academic institutions.